Many thanks to Mary Soon who invented the POG drink in the year 1971. Well, POG drink is the mixture of three fruits which are Passion fruit, orange fruit, and guava fruit. You can also make yourself a glass of delicious Passion Orange Guava juice at your home by juicing all these amazing fruits. You are required to use 2 portions of passion drink and guava juice, and 1 portion of orange juice. Mix them well and serve with a wedge of lime on the rim of the glass. You can also make a cocktail by adding rum or vodka in the POG drink, which is surely a treat for the cocktail lovers.

POG juice is very common in Hawaii and you will find the cabin crews serving the POG juice to their passengers in the flights going to Hawaii. Further, nearly all the restaurants and bars in Hawaii serve this delicious drink in their own way.

Now with the help of the internet, you can order POG drink to your doorsteps effortlessly. This mouth watering juice is available over the web at inexpensive prices with free shipping benefit.

A great deal of juice manufacturers is making POG drink. These packaged juices are handy and can be carried and can be consumed anytime and anywhere. You can consume them in your breakfast, or in the lunch, or anytime you want. Mothers can pack them for the lunch. This juice is light in color which means fewer stains on the clothes. Without a doubt, these are delicious which means they can satisfy the taste buds of your children.

Many health conscious people avoid packaged juices because of artificial coloring, added preservatives, Livejasmin and high fructose corn syrup. But these POG juices do not contain high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and anything which can be harmful to health. To the matter of fact, Passion orange guava drink is a good source of a lot of health benefits as it contains numerous healthy ingredients.

POG juice contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, dietary fiber, carbohydrate, sodium and a lot more other healthy ingredients. Sodium and Vitamin C found in POG juice can help you keep hydrated all day long. Further, Vitamin C is a very vital ingredient for the children as it makes their immune system robust and assists their body to guard against lots of diseases and illnesses. It makes their skin healthy as it fights different types of skin diseases.

So, all in all, POG drink is not only delicious but also healthy.

Passion Orange Guava Juice or POG juice is now available over the internet at inexpensive prices. In this article we will discuss important points about POG juice.

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