If you are of the persuasion to pay for porn on the internet keep in mind the following: nothing is free.

If the website is requesting your credit card for any reason, expect to be billed. If the site offers a FREE trial membership, then expect that after the trial membership is over you will be charged for film porno cina a full monthly membership. If you sign up for a one month membership then expect to be billed every month after the first.

If you send an email to the website saying that you are canceling your membership and you don’t get a response, then you most likely haven’t been canceled. If you do get a response then save that email. Never delete it, because as soon as you delete it you’ll find a new charge on your account and have no proof that you canceled the membership months ago.

With this (as with everything) read your credit card bill / bank statement monthly. Finding out that you’ve been charged for a monthly subscription for 8 months and then calling the company to complain doesn’t work.

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